Adictum Dubstep Maker

Adictum Dubstep Maker is a real dubstep maker which allows you to play and improvise with tons of sounds and effects such as wobble and wub bass.

App includes two mini-keyboards for playing bass and synthesizer notes and chords to incorporate into your music.

Dubstep beats and syncopated and shuffled drum patterns, which characterize this specific music style, are displayed in a very organized set and are very easy to access and play.

Unique feature: Create your very own bass lines and riffs with fat bass and drop sounds with the upper mini-keyboard simultaneously as you play melodies with the lower mini-keyboard.

High quality sounds produced by using filter cutoff, oscillators, distortion and various other parameters.

Very modern and easy to use user interface which makes playing music live very simple and fun!

Connect headphones and/or speakers to your device and transport yourself the the world of dubstep and electronic music!

This is the best dubstep maker app out there for any beginner or pro DJ. You do not need any prior DJ experience in order to make the coolest dubstep electronic music.