Adictum Singing Lessons

Adictum Singing Lessons app includes all of the techniques and training that you need to sing like a pro. Excellent vocal workout and warm-up exercises make learning to sing easy, fun, and enjoyable.

Amateur singers and professionals alike will greatly benefit from this singing training system.

App features professionally developed warmup exercises designed to train any vocal range. The exercises are built with various types of arpeggios that range throughout all keys, starting with the most common interval patterns to uncommon patterns which will challenge your melodic singing and tuning potential, such as: triad with major seventh.

This app also includes harmony training, a unique feature designed to assist the singer to create, improvise, and improve their harmony ability. This will enable the singer to develop ear training by recognizing the notes within a predetermined chord.

Vital techniques and lessons are also included which touch on the most important areas of singing. Lessons are recorded in audio (like mini audio books) and are also in written text for easy access in any setting. Learn more about breathing techniques, how to stay in tune, vibrato, and much more.

Use the mini piano keyboard as well as you try to find specific notes or chords as you sing. This will help you to stay in tune.