Draw Everything Camera

This is a very vital tool for any artist or anyone who wants to learn how to draw. Proportion is a very difficult skill to master and this app provides an original solution to this problem. By using the app’s camera, you can easily capture any image and break down or deconstruct it into various smaller portions, making it easier to draw exact proportion and recreate the image more precisely.


This system is used by any professional artist and is taught in all educational fields of art, architecture and design. The drawing grid technique permits you to copy or recreate images with difficult perspectives, fine details, and realistic features.


Draw cars, portraits, buildings, landscapes, and much more with exact detail and perspective simply by taking a photo with the app’s camera and adding the drawing grid of your choice (grids are various sizes and colors and some are alphanumerically labeled at certain cross sections for ease when drawing complex pictures). Some grids include colors which are used to differentiate between sections and help to visualize each area individually.


The most unique feature of this app is you can add the grid lines of your preference instantly to any photo that you shoot enabling you to immediately begin drawing any image in an instant.


How to:


1. Shoot a photo of anything you would like to draw

2. Select a type of drawing grid

3. Edit the image quality and effects to make it brighter or darker if you wish

4. Save image to your device or send it to your email

5. Print out your selected grid from our website or take a picture with a white surface using the same grid and print it out, or draw the grid yourself on a white sheet of paper

6. Start copying/drawing each individual box from the original image to your blank grid

7. Voila! You will have the perfect drawing with exact proportion!


Choose the blank drawing grid of your choice to print out:

Grid 2

Grid 4

Grid 6

Grid 7

Grid 14