Learn Spanish Pro

Learn Spanish with this very intuitive and user friendly app which includes audio and images displayed in a very unique format. Learn over 500 words and phrases in easy to follow lessons.

Unlike the other Spanish learning apps, this app does not just concentrate on learning only specific subjects such as verbs, numbers, or questions, yet rather takes a global approach to the language.

Lessons are geared toward those who wish to learn with a natural and quick learning system and includes simple and easy to understand audio and images.

Just tap on any image and you will hear the pronunciation of the word or phrase clearly and instantly. Feel free to tap the image as many times as you need to in order to repeat and learn the audio.

Spanish in this app is taught with a neutral accent so that it is understood by any Spanish speaker.

Written English is also included with each image for better understanding of each word or phrase.

Lessons included:
° People
° Greetings
° Food
° Colors
° Places
° Numbers
° Household
° Body Parts
° Transportation
° Animals
° Clothes
° Direction
° Jobs
° Adjectives
° Questions
° Verbs